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June 28-June 30 Fucheng Fuzhou
Seminar on the theory and application of stable isotope techniques in 2018
The conference focused on the development of stable isotope technology and used it as a wind vane event in the isotope industry. It brought together experts and scholars in the fields of geology, agriculture, life sciences, environmental monitoring, etc., and conducted research on the theory and application of stable isotope techniques.
Qingdao Tenglong assisted this seminar
As a sponsor, Qingdao Tenglong has successfully contributed to this seminar.
In this seminar, as the general agent of CIL isotope in China, Qingdao Tenglong brings a complete system of isotope procurement solutions to the domestic market.
Experts and scholars consult the scene
Many well-known experts and scholars conducted detailed consultation before the Tenglong booth.
Since its inception, Qingdao Tenglong has always adhered to the development path of integration of learning, research and sales. Leading awareness, professional service, excellent products, and excellent after-sales make Qingdao Tenglong gradually gain more and more recognition from experts and teachers.
CIL China Business Development Director visits the site
In this seminar, Qingdao Tenglong invited Mr. Zhou News, Director of Business Development of CIL China, to give a special lecture “Exploring the World of CIL Stable Isotopes”. CIL is the world's first producer of stable isotope-labeled compounds, with its leading technology in the field of isotope.