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Qingdao Tenglong Training and Training

Chapter 1

Japan UG Co., Ltd. has many patents in the world for the synthesis, packaging, and measurement of nuclear drugs in Japan. UG's nuclear radiation measurement technology has been used in all nuclear power plants in Japan since its invention. The radiation detection chip produced by Japan's famous nuclear medicine equipment manufacturer's environmental radiation monitor (which has entered China) is produced by UG.

Mr. Liu Hongjun, the general manager of Qingdao Tenglong, went to UG for a week of training and verification.


Training course

UG-05 dispensing injection instrument

Positron developer automatic dispensing injection machine UG-05

The characteristics and functions of UG-05

1. FDG drugs are fully automated inside the equipment, and the surrounding operators are completely free from radiation risks.

2. The self-contained activity meter (the only technology in the world) accurately measures the required dose according to the patient's weight. From the current manual dispensing of hospitals, the error is greatly reduced to less than 5%.


1) There is no need to manually put the activity meter into the test, which reduces the risk of radiation.

2) The automatic real-time activity test can be arbitrarily distributed according to the nuclear drug activity.

3) It can be divided according to the patient's weight or the required amount of radiation, and can be automatically stopped after reaching the required dose.

Mr. Liu Hongjun, General Manager of Tenglong

Seriously learn to experience UG05 products


Training course
Single photon radionuclide (RI) automatic dispensing instrument
Mr. Liu Hongjun, General Manager of Tenglong, experienced the scene
The single photon radionuclide (RI) automatic dispensing instrument can extract (or dilute) the required amount of liquid from the Tc-99m eluent of the 99Mo-99mTc generator, and automatically fill the kits of various imaging agents. Into, shake, and mark (ie, instead of manually completing the drug labeling process), dispense the labeled imaging agent to the syringe at a specified activity (ie, instead of manually dispensing the imaging agent).

Characteristics of single photon radionuclide (RI) automatic dispensing instrument

1. Automatic, quick and accurate dispensing can reduce the user's operational burden and radiation concerns
When using the protective cover, syringe, etc. in the specified position, follow the instructions on the computer screen. Install the generator's eluent collection bottle and dispense to the vial in about 1 minute after the device starts running. This equipment can be injected and dispensed with high precision.
2. The corresponding operation items can be selected and executed according to different purposes of use.
The control program of this equipment is developed as an independent software module for basic operation engineering such as distribution, marking, and packaging. In this way, according to the purpose of use, the entire operation can be performed as a continuous project, or an individual operation project such as dispensing can be selected to work.
3. Achieve a small and lightweight device shape after improving the volume
The equipment is carefully planned in design, the size is W372×D312×H417(mm), which can be placed in the fume hood, and the weight is also about 28kg after weight reduction.
4. To prevent environmental leakage, this equipment is equipped with a function to prevent liquid leakage.
When it is necessary to draw liquid from the vial in an inverted state, there is a possibility of liquid leakage in the gap between the rubber stopper and the needle of the syringe. In order to prevent leakage, the vial is tilted by 45 degrees, and the needle is withdrawn when the rubber stopper does not contact the liquid in the vial (air layer), thereby achieving the function of preventing liquid leakage.


Training course
UG-04-1510C specified dosage meter
General Manager of Tamron Liu Hongyu
Studying with classmates
Practical operation
The UG-04-1510C designated drug dispensing device is a device that dispenses radiopharmaceuticals such as FDG used in nuclear medicine from a mother liquor bottle to a medicinal vial or syringe according to a specified dose. Simply input the injection time and the amount of dispensing in the computer, and the device can be dispensed by itself.
UG-04-1510C specified dosage meter features:
1. The amount of liquid and the amount of radiation in the mother liquor bottle can be measured by a radioactivity detector.
The dispensing time can be entered into the injection time plus one of the required amount of radiation or liquid.
2. Optional dispensing to vials and syringes.
3. When the dispensing liquid is small, it can be diluted to the specified amount with distilled water for injection.
4. The consumables are sterilized disposable infusion set that is integrated with the output three-way valve for easy aseptic operation.
5. The mother liquor bottle can correspond to 5ml to 30ml, and the mother liquor bottle protection tank can correspond to lead and tungsten steel products.
6. Optional wireless or wired control when operating this unit.
Through a week of study and study, I learned the latest nuclear medicine concepts and equipment models, and I have a new understanding of the development and changes that the industry is experiencing.
Qingdao Tenglong will continue to innovate in the future, expand product routes, improve service quality, and strive to provide a full range of services for the majority of scholars and teachers.