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We need you like this

1. Master degree or above, major in natural product chemistry, organic chemistry and pharmacy.

2. Good health, cheerful personality, hard-working.

3. Have the ability and experience to analyze the structure of natural products with 1D and 2D NMR data; Experience in 2D NMR data collection and molecular structure identification using high-resolution LC/MS is preferred; Skilled in Mnova software or qNMR experience is a plus.

4. Have strong learning ability, accurate analysis and judgment of things, and strong communication ability.

5. Honest, reliable, aggressive, highly responsible and good team spirit.

6. Have a good sense of service and strong ability to work under pressure; Ability to accomplish assigned tasks independently and efficiently.

What you need to do

1. Responsible for understanding the market situation, economic environment, competitors and local customers of the region under my jurisdiction, and providing basis for the formulation of sales strategies.

2. Participated in academic conferences, explored potential customer needs, developed new customers and expanded product sales scope.

3. Demonstrated and explained the NMR and LC/ gc-ms data processing functions of Mnova software, provided quotations for NMR users in Chinese academic and industrial circles, and completed the sales tasks.

4. Responsible for the preparation and explanation of the bid proposal and defense.

5. Responsible for actively maintaining customer relations in the region under my jurisdiction, and completing product sales planning and specific sales work.

6. Responsible for completing other tasks assigned by leaders.

We gave it to you

1. Working five days a week, double weekends off, enjoying national holidays and paid annual leave and family visit leave.

2. Pay "five social insurance and one housing fund" for employees.

3. No responsibility base salary + high performance commission, superior to peer compensation; Specific salary negotiable.

Marriage and funeral are rich.

5. Comfortable office environment, relaxed team atmosphere and intimate induction team guidance.

6, the boss more handsome men and beautiful women HMMM that's it.

7, the most important thing is that you can visit the motherland around the great rivers and mountains around the clock around the campus of famous universities to taste food.

If you are suitable, please dare to throw your resume here!


Please send your resume to:

Email address: hr@tlwb.com.cn


Other contact information:

0532-382395524 /13325008450