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      Qingdao Tenglong Weibo Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March,2004. It is a professional technology company specializing in the sales of deuterated reagent, NMR tube, isotopes, micro nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, NMR software ,biochemical instrument and medical apparatus category. It is the general commercial agent of CIL's deuterated reagents, isotopes and other products, NORELL NMR tube(US), Magritek micro nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer(New Zealand) and Mestreleb Research Mnova NMR software(SPAIN) in China. The company is headquartered on the coastal line of Fushan Bay in Qingdao, and has several branch offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

       Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the business principles of “people-oriented, honesty, and business”, and always upholds the values of “customer orientation, professional focus, win-win cooperation, honesty and integrity” and the business philosophy of “doing laboratory service experts”,bringing together the elites of the industry and is committed to build high-end, trusted chemical laboratory service brand. The main business is divided into import brand agency business and independent brand, mainly in Magritek NMR spectrometer, NMR tube, CIL deuterium reagent and domestic deuterium reagent, biological and chemical reagents, stable isotopes and radioactive isotopes, plant hormones and standard, NMR instrument software, remote monitoring client, data analysis software, thermal magnetic spectrometer with supplies and accessories, liquid helium , biochemical laboratory ancillary equipment and supplies and other products.

       The company focuses on the field of chemistry, insists on quality and service first, pays attention to the cooperation and exchanges with international advanced companies, and depends on the resources of global suppliers. Tenglong is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive and comprehensive services to the universities, research institutes and biochemical related companies. Chemical reagents, laboratory instruments, consumables, etc. to achieve one-stop service.

       With rigorous scientific attitude, professional chemical service and comprehensive after-sales service, the company has won the unanimous recognition of peer experts and customers. Professional Tenglong people will be dedicated to provide all customers with quality products and professional technical support services, and is willing to be your most reliable long-term partner.