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Stable isotope: stable isotope, as its name implies, is characterized by stability and no radioactivity. Stable isotopes of elements have similar physical and chemical properties and different nuclear properties. Compared with radioisotopes, stable isotopes have the following characteristics:

Excellent sensitivity

High measurement accuracy

No radiation, little harm

Stable property and signal value

Multiple isotopes can be detected at one time

Stable isotopes are ubiquitous in nature, including all compounds, atmosphere and water resources, so they must exist in animals and plants. Using its physical and chemical properties almost the same as ordinary elements, various stable isotope reagents prepared are used in agriculture, hydrogeology, geochemistry, ecological environment, biomedicine, analytical detection and many other scientific fields. In recent years, stable isotope tracing has become a widely used, unique, efficient and even indispensable technology in the emerging frontier fields of genetic engineering, proteomics, metabonomics and metabolic engineering. Learn more

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