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Qingdao Tenglong Microwave Technology Co., Ltd. is an authorized agent of Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. in China.     CIL Corporation is a global leader in stable isotopes and labeling compounds. With its leading technology, superior product quality, and a rich product range, CIL is a leader in the isotope industry. The company is headquartered in Boston and has 5 companies worldwide, located in the United States, Canada, Germany, and France. It provides tens of thousands of tagged products and employs more than 400 people worldwide.     The quality and sales of deuterated reagent products are in the leading position in the world. Related products include deuterated chloroform, deuterated DMSO, and deuterated、 Methanol, heavy water, deuterated acetone, deuterated toluene, deuterated hydrochloric acid, deuterated sodium hydroxide, deuterated pyridine, deuterated ethanol, deuterated tetrahydrofuran, deuterated DMF, TSP, DSS, and the like.